As if integrating systems and procedures were not hard enough, any new acquisition must also navigate the cultural and behavioural complexities of their new parent company.

Bringing together experience from multiple acquisitions and associated integration campaigns, we have synthesised the best approaches and tips for effective integration...

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The pandemic has affected every business differently. From the challenges of unexpectedly high demand to those of disastrous trading conditions, businesses are in unchartered territory. 

Employees need consistent, unambiguous communications for reassurance, information, instructions, new processes and procedures and honest appraisals of the current situation. We offer tips and approaches to improve your pandemic communications.

There’s a gold rush on but this time it’s green. Over the next 20 years sustainability will be as strong a focus as quality was 25 years ago. How will your business communicate your sustainability performance? Will you be an early adopter or play catch-up? 

Here we provide insights from our work with clients who are taking an early lead defining and communicating their sustainability journey...

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